Sunday, March 27, 2011

new life

 The weather in Verona has been amazing in the last week. Flowering trees are everywhere and the sun is shining. It lifts your spirit!

this is the first thing I saw yesterday as I left the house
the view on the way to breakfast at bar, Scio Rum
looking back at the view up to the sanctuary
This morning, I went to view friend and artist, Judy Martin's blog, Her title is 'trinity', a perfect word for me this morning.

Pietro has chosen me as his godmother.

 He is celebrating his confirmation this afternoon- a new energy of faith in his catholic life.

San Giorgio, church
When I am in Italy I feel renewed.

My friend took this picture of me yesterday.
I find it interesting that you see three triangles...maybe more.
I have new ideas for my textile art, my quilted blankets, my classes and my life.

I fly back home on Tuesday.


  1. (haven't found my password yet so using Vilma's)
    Nice work, great accomplishment, very nice photos, enjoable place to be. I bet if it weren't for your family in Toronto, you would stay in Verona or somewhere in Italy. Following you made me want to be there. Well done.
    CONGRATULATIONS! Have a nice flight home.

  2. Congratulations on your achievement, Sandra.

    I wish I was in Italy today.