Wednesday, March 16, 2011

reading the comments

One of the things we did today was to read the visitors' comments written in the books left in the galleries and exhibition spaces.

There were people from Brazil, Mexico, USA, UK, Spain, Belgium, France, Finland, Hong Kong, Denmark, Canada (Ottawa) and us 9 Canadians from Toronto plus Italians from Sardinia and all over mainland Italy that experienced Verona Tessile.

work exhibited in Profumeria Caccia

"It was difficult not to touch the work!" was one of the comments ("e stato difficile non toccare"). I understand that. Textile is meant to be touched. I never put my art work under glass for that exact reason.

part of the afghanistan exhibit. work by Yvette Winand, Belgium
title: Eingeschloben in Kaboul

I got to touch many of the works as I helped to pack up. The packages will be sent back to the artists tomorrow.

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  1. Can't remember my password so using Vilma's.
    Everthing so nice. I'm sure the TO group are happy with their trip. Wish I were there even if I don't sew. And, finally, we see a picture of the master!