Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cultural Art

I love this art work! A friend bought it in Fiji about 40 years ago. It hangs in her living room on a gorgeous wall colour.

circa 5' x 6'

The Fijian masi cloth is made exclusively by women. They treat the bark of a Mulberry tree to make it soft and pliable before adding geometric designs.

The design motifs vary depending on the area it was made in. The designs can be printed, stencilled, dyed or painted free-hand.

To find out more about traditional Masi cloth click here.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Red Roses

Sending you a bouquet of red roses,

on St. Valentine's Day....a little late as I had a 'sick' computer! But it's working now.

detail images from The Black Vase 
plastic, thread and fabric scraps

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Studio Make-Over

I had to get out of my studio. It is a giant mess!

I am in the process of redoing it... yes, STILL! I took everything off the shelves, moved a couch and some tables only to realize the way it was set up before was actually the best use of space and light! Bother! I had to put everything back!

I took a bag of stuff to sort by the fireplace. I made a nice fire and turned a boring task into a relaxing enjoyable one.

You can always turn a bad thing into a nice thing! (Good to know)

Now for a cup of tea!

Monday, February 2, 2015


I was visiting a friend for tea yesterday.

She had me over at her home.

I had forgotten how many quilts I made her! I saw 4. Some were hanging and some were on couches.

Some I made her years ago! at least 15!

I had such fun looking at the colours and bits of fabric on the pineapple quilt!

Quilters are often hung up on matching corners and such. Do you know I didn't even look at that...and I have a "trained" eye!

My advice to you is just SEW. Choose the colours you like and GO! It will be beautiful.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Maybe it's a Sign

I read an email too quickly and missed an important sentence.

There is in fact a traveller for my Verona trip that would indeed like to share the apartment, a quilter who'd like a room mate.

Find the white church tower at the top curve in the river. Walk back diagonally to the left until you find the green, top of a tree situated between the two bridges. That is pretty much where our apartments are!
Photo taken by my Italian friend Caterina from the air!

So I guess there is STILL a spot left for the trip- a spot for double occupancy.

View of the Roman Theatre

Maybe you saw the other post saying the trip was full and you were so disappointed. Well, this is a sign! The spot opened up for you!

Pass the word around, talk about it at your guild, call a friend who you know would love to do this.

You don't have to leave from Toronto or even Canada as the trip begins in Verona.

It is an amazing experience.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Food as Inspiration

Yes inspiration is everywhere.

I find food can be an inspiration.

How about this home-made torrone patchwork! Love the rectangles with the hazelnut organic shapes.

Or the shapes of the end of the Treviso lettuce...could make an interesting free motion quilt design.

How about the colours of a poached pear (last Sunday's dessert!)

Use your senses and be inspired.

*all photos from my Bellezza project

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Today's Greyness

I took this picture last summer. It sums up today's greyness. It is raining in Toronto.

It isn't done on a canvas.

It isn't painted by an artist.

It was dripping paint from the side of a building.

It's beautiful.