Friday, September 25, 2020

Textile Museum Visit

I took the leap. I went somewhere that wasn't my own house or wasn't my friend's garden! 

An artist friend, Ginette Legaré and I went to a museum. OMG. The Textile Museum of Canada.

It's a small museum. It was perfect. I wore a mask. There was 2 other people in the entire museum because of their preordered tickets and timed entry. We saw them once but technically we didn't pass them as they were sitting down in one of the rooms. I walked to the museum and back. Good exercise!

We went to see Anna Torma's, Permanent Danger. Thirteen large-scale works. 

The gallery blurb says works from 2011...But exhibited was Party with Dionysos which was started in 2008 and finished in 2015. 

It's difficult to say when you start piece, there is much thinking and planning before you actually start and then sometimes the piece gets pushed aside for even a few years before you take it out again to finish it.  

The artist is from Hungary but immigrated to Canada in 1988. She lives in New Brunswick. I have been following her work for more than 15 years now.

My friend said when she and her sister go to see an art exhibit, they select one work they'd like to own. Mine was this one below.

Permanent Danger, 2017
Hand embroidery, reverse appliqué on three layers of linen fabric,
silk thread.

reverse side of Permanent Danger

I love all the embroidery on this piece. I love the back...maybe even more then the front. I'd hang it so you could see both sides. 

Artist Judith Martin often has the backs of her works hung so they are visible and are part of the message. 

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  1. Sandra, I am so glad that you made the trip to the textile museum to see Anna's work. I love the piece that you have highlighted. I saw it in Burlington I believe. I loved how it is two - sided too - layers of stitch in her work and full of imagination.