Thursday, February 11, 2016

Lots of Love

 St. Valentine's Day is coming up.

Scrap quilt in the making.
I will add a border to make it larger and frame it
but haven't found the right fabric.
See how the X's make a larger X and
the O's make a larger circle around the  outside.
Clever setting of the blocks!

We don't really celebrate the day at our house but I do make a heart-shaped cake for dessert.

"O" symbolizes hugs

We try to have that feeling all year round.

"X" symbolizes kisses

All that lovin' and appreciation for one another is important every day.

Notice all the different fabrics used for the foreground and the background

Hugs and kisses are always good, anytime of year!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Umbria awaits

I am excited about the Umbria textile trip. Even though it isn't till August I have to confirm all the events by mid-March.

There are still places available. Sign up soon.

What you need to know:

The trip starts at Fiumicino airport (Rome) so people can arrive from anywhere not only Canada!

Participants need to understand (some) English as all the events are in English.

The focus of the trip is to create an art journal where from ideas can be extracted and new works, either traditional quilts or contemporary work, produced upon returning to a home studio.

We will be visiting five small towns in the province of Umbria.

The town of Trevi where we will be staying is 300 m above sea level so even though we will be there in summer, the evenings are cool.

The trip fee for Canadian participants is in Canadian dollars so the exchange rate, or low dollar, should not concern you. (travellers from outside of Canada pay in Euro). The trip fee is $2599.00 Canadian. Travellers are responsible for their flight.

Think of the trip as an inspirational retreat.

What could be better?