Friday, November 30, 2012

Magazine Coverage

I just received a copy of Burda Patchwork in the mail.

winter 2012, issue No. 36

Astrid Franchet wrote a wonderful article about Tradition in Transition as part of her coverage of the 18th Carrefour Européen du Patchwork. She sent me the french version but said they also printed a german one. So if you get this issue in your country, go out and buy it!

works seen from top to bottom
1st row:Valerie Collins, Quilter's Courtyard, detail
 Meredith Annett, And So It Goes
2nd row: Gordana Brelih, Strong and Beautiful, full and detail
Chung-Im Kim, Dawn
3rd row: Judith Martin, Twenty Four Hour Care
(this work was also printed on a banner hung outside our exhibition space)
Laurentian Hills, 20 person collective: R. Crown, J. Popiel, B. Garner, 
 C. Breedyk-Law, M. Pal,  L. Morin, C. Moore, D. Bates, 
M. Zohar, S. Garner, R. Field, M.Dunsmore, M. Morris, M. Cope,
 M. Filshie, J. Gerster,  C. McNair, E. Quehl, S. White, M. Hannigan

I am so glad the exhibit, Tradition in Transition, got so much attention. It was good for the artists and also for me both as curator and participating artist.

Monday, November 26, 2012


Tradition in Transition is set up. It will have another showing, this time in Canada, before the 35 pieces go back to their makers.

The opening reception was on November 25th at the Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre. The show runs till January 6, 2013.

The main room at Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre during the opening.

I gave my last 'talk' about the exhibit at the opening.

I spoke for about 10 minutes at the opening about the exhibit
with some participating artists in attendance.

Left: Quilt Sampler by Riel Nason
Right: Judith Martin stands in front of her work, Energy Cloth

Some of the artists and I celebrated the evening beforehand- a dinner at my house.

Sitting in the kitchen having appetizers
before heading to the dining room for a sit-down dinner.

Shrimp Remoulade - I had to make the presentation artistic!

I can't believe what I worked on for one and a half years is Done.

Ron played during the reception.
A few years ago he and his classmates made a community quilt
which later went to Verona, Italy, to be exhibited
 in the public library there during Verona Tessile.
He really added to the afternoon


Visitors loved to see the Canadian skill and artistry.


Judith Martin and I in front of her piece, Twenty-Four Hour Care

Well, onto the next project!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Setting Up

Crazy last few days!

Arriving at Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre.

Prepping the walls. Thanks for your help, Gail.
Not shown is Gordana who also helped a ton!!

Drilling holes in the rods. Thanks Judith.

Thanks to Debbie and husband, Gary, for their help!
I could not have done it without their expertise!!

We used the three rooms of the gallery including the entrance.

Sybil and her dog give a nod of approval!

Going back today to put up two more and add the labels.

The show opens this weekend, November 23 to January 6, 2013.

 Front view of invitation. Thank you Debbie for making them!

Back view of the invitation.
We managed to get all the names of the participating artists on the back

The opening reception is Sunday November 25 from 2 to 5. I will speak at 3 about the collection.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Verona Trip Meeting

I am getting ready for the info meeting on Saturday, November 17 at L'espresso Bar (as in Italian bar).

My favourite breakfast spot,
321 Bloor Street West

I have put together some slides of the trip in 2011.

The Adige river flows around the historical centre of Verona.

The 8 quilters and textile artists who travelled in 2011 had such a great cultural experience.

Walking to Ad Maiora Studios for a sewing class
along the "lasagna"

Flipping through the images brought back such fun memories.

We went to Venice for the day during carnival.

I know this group will also experience something special!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I must be too tired today. I can't keep my mind on studio stuff...maybe it's because I had to get my car to the garage by 7 A.M. to get the winter tires put on.

The window at a paper store in Paris, France, 3rd district, says

Je ne suis pas inspirée.
(I am not inspired)
That's how I feel today.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Holes, Shapes and Shadows

Sculpture, Paris, Centre Pompidou

Paper work, Oakville, World of Threads Festival

Studies in interlacement, xylem and phloem, 2012
(Xylem and phloem are complex tissues 
that perform transportation of water and food in a plant)

Sculpture, Paris, Centre Pompidou

Paper work, Oakville, World of Threads Festival

kozo paper, fibre reactive dyes

Sculpture, Paris, Centre Pompidou

Paper work, Oakville, World of Threads Festival

From the exhibit, De Rerum Natura (On the Nature of Things)

Sculpture, Paris, Centre Pompidou by Marc Fornes and THEVERYMANY.

Paper work, Oakville, World of Threads Festival by Lizz Aston.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Talking about Art

I met with Catherine Dormor and Judith Martin for breakfast this week before they headed up to Manitoulin Island. Catherine was Judy's advisor for her BA in embroidered textiles at Middlesex University. Dr. Dormor was in town from the UK for the World of Threads Festival.

detail, Shimmer, 2011

We had some good conversation. One of the things we talked about was slow hand stitching and getting in 'the zen zone' while working. I can get 'there' when I sew by machine...the sound of the motor, the repetitive motion.

Made of silk organza and silk satin

I miss having art people around me to talk with about art things. At the end of our time together, my mind was so full of ideas and questions to consider! I came home, got my journal out and put the words in my head onto paper then sat at the machine and sewed all morning.

technique: digital print

Shimmer, 2011
Made up of six panels.

I started a new piece- conceptual one.

detail, Shimmer

I only clued in afterwards, on the way home, that Dr. Catherine Dormor was the artist of Shimmer. I absolutely loved that piece! It was part of the exhibit Quiet Zone at the World of Threads Festival.

 These are two of the panels,
 one in front of the other.

I would have loved to talk to her about it!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Friday's Pleasure

I dedicated almost the entire Friday to art! Love it!

In the next two weeks, you can see a number of textile exhibits in the city of Oakville and Toronto while the World of Threads Festival  is on. Most of the exhibits were curated by Gareth Bate and festival chair, Dawne Rudman.

There are 12 countries and 8 Canadian provinces represented.

I specifically went to support the makers that exhibited a piece in Tradition in Transition.

Penny Berens (one piece),

Penny Berens' piece, Under Construction, 
part of the Connections fibre group exhibition

Anna Hergert (one piece),

Love the shadow Anna's piece casts
on the gallery wall.
You can see a little of her piece from 2009,
Acquatic Embrace
on the right side. It's made of stitched plastic
and is part of the exhibit Momento Mori

 Judith Martin (four pieces plus curator for and participant in Continuum).

detail, Monumental Simplicty, part of Continuum
109" x109"

detail, Trinity,  2011,
26" x 40"
part of Quiet Zone

detail, Light of the Moon, 2009,
38" x46"
part of Variegated Threads

detail, Heart to Heart, 2009,
24" x 60"

Another participating artist, Amanda McCavour, curated Material Connections which will be on next week in Toronto. I'm looking forward to seeing that.

And bonus, Gloria S. Daly flew all the way from Vancouver Island to see the 21 exhibits and we got a chance to meet!

Gloria S. Daly and I .... instant friends!

Friday, November 2, 2012


John Taylor from the band Duran Duran said "Music is a great way to meet people".

John De Simini playing saxophone at The Pilot
 in Toronto a few summers ago.
Check him out. He is an amazing musician
whom I worked with for the SMC musicals

I say textile art and quilting is a great way to meet people! As you know, this art form has brought me to Europe on many occasions and introduced me to international makers who are now life-time friends.

sculpture at University of Toronto,
St Michael's College campus

Last night, I was invited to speak at the Mississauga Quilter's Guild again. I met some great people who are passionate about this medium and had some good conversations about the craft.

Some of the works I brought

I brought 17+ pieces of my work, including some quilts and some textile art work as well as one antique quilt. I integrated those in the talk, Beyond the Hobby Quilter.

My goal was to inspire the members to go out and self promote! I hope I did that.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Magazine in the Mail

Yesterday, I got this wonderful surprise in the mail.

I received a magazine from France called Magic Patch which published an article by Clarisse Bioud about Tradition in Transition.

This exhibit has been a wonderful venue to promote Canadian talent. Many participating artists were featured in magazines. For me personally I received opportunities to further my textile career. Of course, I said YES to everything that was offered... I will think of how to proceed with these new challenges later.