Thursday, September 24, 2015

Next Project

I am not yet ready to start sewing. I am still unpacking and getting settled after six months away.

Umbrian countryside

I am however going full speed ahead in firming up my textile trip plans for Umbria in August 2016.

The town of Trevi seen from the terrace of the house we will be staying in.

This trip will have a different feel than the Verona Trips I organize. The focus of the Umbria trip is to create an art journal where from ideas can be extracted and new works, either traditional or contemporary, produced upon return to a studio back home. To help facilitate daily entries, we will have a daily theme as we visit hilltop towns, do cultural and art activities and visit two Italian artists.

Vineyards and olive trees in the Umbria countryside.

In November, I will be having a meeting in Toronto where I will present the full itinerary, show some photographs and have a price ready.

Looking west at the view of the hills.

I can only take 6 people for this trip. So far I have four people VERY interested, four people who have come to Verona with me.

Think about it.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Heading Home

Leaving Italy in a few days and going back to Canada.

A few days before I left I saw this MAP of Canada from my terrace!...down to Vancouver Island! Troppo bello.