Monday, April 29, 2013

Jazz Music

My favourite music to listen to while I work in my studio is jazz.

The jazz duo plays during PGW's 40th anniversary celebration
Alberta Room, Royal York Hotel

The station is Jazz Fm 91- best station ever! Canada's premier jazz station. It is on whenever I am creating, sewing and working in my studio.

Richard Underhill with his saxophone.

On his program from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., announcer Terry McElligott has a segment called "My Brush with Greatness" and I recently wrote in to share my crazy story about meeting musician Richard Underhill.

Richard Underhill and I in front of
my mineral piece,
Looking for Labradorite

My story was aired on Monday, April 22, around noon. Did any of you hear it? I listened on-line from Verona, Italy. How cool is that!

Looking for Labradorite was part of the Minerals exhibit at the PDAC in Toronto in March and also in Verona at Verona Tessile. It is one of 5 pieces selected from that exhibit to go to London for the EAGE conference in June.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Taking Down the Exhibits

The Canadians left early Sunday morning.

It was suppose to be my 'rest' day but instead I did an interview ...

An interview with art director, Daniel Kevorkian,
from KEVO.

Daniel filming my work Looking for Labradorite.

...and then helped out at the Loggia Barbaro. I explained the Minerals' exhibit. Some of the visitors were friends and students from other parts of Italy that I was happy to catch up with. All spectators were very interested in the works even if they were not in the textile field.

Work visible, Mica by Wilma Kenny

Work right: Fundy Flame Agate by Kate Madeloso

Work left: Memory Stone by Helena Scheffer

The prize ceremony took place the last day of Verona Tessile.

The President of Ad Maiora speaking at San Giorgetto.
Work by Canadian artist, Suzanne Neilson, hangs on the right.

It was packed.

Our tour guide, Christina Zuegg, received an award for her piece in the International Juried Exhibit "...E Lucean le Stelle".

The next day we took down everything.

Carolina and Luca taking a break outside San Giorgetto.

Today, they got packed up and are ready to mail back to the makers.

That timing is amazing! There were about 200 works. See what happens when people work as a team?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Last Day!

Even though it was windy with light rain this morning...

Castel Vecchio bridge also called Ponte Scaligero

Castel Vecchio in the background with a view of part of the bridge.

...we still went out for a long walk to visit San Zeno church. San Zeno is the patron saint of Verona.

The church was prepared for a wedding

Painting by A. Ghiona
Detail of Ghiona's painting. The nails are real and
somehow attached to the canvas.
San Zeno church is famous for its bronze doors. Since there was a wedding this morning the doors were open and we were able to admire them. One side depicts the Old Testament and the other the New Testament.

I noticed a fossil in the stone steps of the church.
On the way home we stopped to admire some quilts in the store windows.

Susanna who took us to the Valpolicella
this week, made this quilt
which was hanging in a shoe store.
I was glad to see it as I recognized it
as the first course
I taught the first time I was in Verona!
Lovely hexagon quilt made by one
 of the new Ad Maiora members exhibited at
Pascetta Antichita
Early quilt by M.T. Sansotta
Exhibited in the store window,
Lella Baldi Antichita

Our last dinner at Dodici Apostoli (Twelve Apostles) was amazing!

Aperitivo in the cellar where we stood on a
Roman road from the time of Christ!
To the right is the base of a medieval watch tower. The cornerstones
were recycled from the Arena after an earthquake.

Our centrepiece!
Notice the spools of thread as vases and the thread put out
 like the Verona Tessile logo! (photo below)
Owners, Simonetta and her husband Antonio, are always so creative.
They really go out of their way to welcome their guests.

Look at the wine label!
It is from the Verona Tessile event.
The owner, Simonetta, and her husband, Antonio,
designed it especially for the event!

The ceiling above our table.


I got distracted by the wonderful food that I forgot to take a photo of the Secondo!

Serving dessert

A wonderful way to end the trip!

The 2013 group (minus one person!!) and I.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday's Fun

I can't believe the Canadians arrived a week ago. They have enjoyed their time discovering the city of Verona and the italian ways.

Today, we started with a workshop at the Bernina station in Loggia Barbaro. All 5 travellers participated.

Look at the ceiling!
Imagine working in a place like that!

Then more quilt exhibits.

Minerals has been very popular with the visitors.
Susanne Piras' felt work
detail S. Piras' work, felted silk and wool 

There are many textile pieces in the store windows
along the streets,
Corso Porta Borsari, San Anastasia and via Rome.
This one is by M.T. Sansotta

We had lunch at Osteria Al Duomo. Not everyone wanted to try the horse meatballs!

Outside the Osteria Al Duomo

We had a class with Patrizia Girlanda at one of the apartments. We learned a hand piecing technique used my the Miao people of southern China.

 Tomorrow is the last day so everyone has a list of things they want to do. I told them they could sleep when they get home!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Seeing and Making

We started with a coffee as per usual.

Our street.
Giovanni's fruit store down the street.
We stopped to see more textile exhibits this morning.

A private collection of antique quilts.
was exhibited at Giulietta's Tomb.

Exhibit at Gran Guardia
There was also a small market area and of course we had to stop there!

Marlene found the exact same fabrics
she had bought in Florida
to make the jacket she happen to be wearing today!

Our afternoon was spent dying fabric and making great designs on plain fabric!

Marina Tavella and I. Her class was so well prepared.
The group has seen some of her work exhibited in
store windows as well as at Loggia Barbaro.
These are some of her examples for the class.

 This is my sample. It's my favourite of all the ones I made today.

We sewed and wrapped and pulled thread and dipped things in dye.

We got great results.

Our samples were laid out to dry in the sun.

Our walk home down the "lasagna" was refreshing after concentrating all afternoon.

We ended the day with a wonderful dinner at La Fontanina and ate outside on their terrace.