Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday's Fun

I can't believe the Canadians arrived a week ago. They have enjoyed their time discovering the city of Verona and the italian ways.

Today, we started with a workshop at the Bernina station in Loggia Barbaro. All 5 travellers participated.

Look at the ceiling!
Imagine working in a place like that!

Then more quilt exhibits.

Minerals has been very popular with the visitors.
Susanne Piras' felt work
detail S. Piras' work, felted silk and wool 

There are many textile pieces in the store windows
along the streets,
Corso Porta Borsari, San Anastasia and via Rome.
This one is by M.T. Sansotta

We had lunch at Osteria Al Duomo. Not everyone wanted to try the horse meatballs!

Outside the Osteria Al Duomo

We had a class with Patrizia Girlanda at one of the apartments. We learned a hand piecing technique used my the Miao people of southern China.

 Tomorrow is the last day so everyone has a list of things they want to do. I told them they could sleep when they get home!

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