Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Taking Down the Exhibits

The Canadians left early Sunday morning.

It was suppose to be my 'rest' day but instead I did an interview ...

An interview with art director, Daniel Kevorkian,
from KEVO.

Daniel filming my work Looking for Labradorite.

...and then helped out at the Loggia Barbaro. I explained the Minerals' exhibit. Some of the visitors were friends and students from other parts of Italy that I was happy to catch up with. All spectators were very interested in the works even if they were not in the textile field.

Work visible, Mica by Wilma Kenny

Work right: Fundy Flame Agate by Kate Madeloso

Work left: Memory Stone by Helena Scheffer

The prize ceremony took place the last day of Verona Tessile.

The President of Ad Maiora speaking at San Giorgetto.
Work by Canadian artist, Suzanne Neilson, hangs on the right.

It was packed.

Our tour guide, Christina Zuegg, received an award for her piece in the International Juried Exhibit "...E Lucean le Stelle".

The next day we took down everything.

Carolina and Luca taking a break outside San Giorgetto.

Today, they got packed up and are ready to mail back to the makers.

That timing is amazing! There were about 200 works. See what happens when people work as a team?


  1. Sandra...Thank you for sharing these beautiful Canadian Fibre works with the Italian viewers. Your commitment to our Fibre Arts community in Ontario and beyond is much appreciated and applauded. More please!!
    Bethany Garner
    FIBREWORKS Kingston

  2. I have just discovered your blog, thanks!!! :)