Thursday, April 4, 2013

Italian Textile Artists

My observation is that textile art is more prevalent in Italy than in France. Gallery owner, David Gerges, who exhibits textile agrees with me.

Riscatto, detail, 2013
by italian artist Tiziana Abretti
paper, oil, stitches

I discovered Tiziana Abretti's textile art at Art Paris Art Fair. Seven of her works were displayed at the booth for the art school IESA.

means Redemption in Italian

The Parma born artist references the "Arte Povera" movement by using non-noble materials. She ruins and repairs her creations. She is on her way to great things I am told. She is completely immersed and focused in her work.

The work is like an empty carcass

Some of her pieces were under glass and framed. Ah yes..that whole debate about framing...

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  1. I adore this work. Shall look her up - thank you for introducing me to this artist.

    Hope you are having an amazing