Thursday, April 18, 2013

Seeing and Making

We started with a coffee as per usual.

Our street.
Giovanni's fruit store down the street.
We stopped to see more textile exhibits this morning.

A private collection of antique quilts.
was exhibited at Giulietta's Tomb.

Exhibit at Gran Guardia
There was also a small market area and of course we had to stop there!

Marlene found the exact same fabrics
she had bought in Florida
to make the jacket she happen to be wearing today!

Our afternoon was spent dying fabric and making great designs on plain fabric!

Marina Tavella and I. Her class was so well prepared.
The group has seen some of her work exhibited in
store windows as well as at Loggia Barbaro.
These are some of her examples for the class.

 This is my sample. It's my favourite of all the ones I made today.

We sewed and wrapped and pulled thread and dipped things in dye.

We got great results.

Our samples were laid out to dry in the sun.

Our walk home down the "lasagna" was refreshing after concentrating all afternoon.

We ended the day with a wonderful dinner at La Fontanina and ate outside on their terrace.

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