Saturday, April 13, 2013

First Full Day

We started with a walking tour of this wonderful city of Verona.

Our tour guide, Christina Zuegg, did a great job,
as I knew she would! Here
she is stopped under a poster for the event Verona Tessile.
and yes that is her up there on the poster!

The group plus Christina standing on a terrace
overlooking Juliet's courtyard.

The group in front of the Arena.

Here we are in Piazza Dante, where we met up with
some people the ladies had met on the plane!

Touristy enough for you??

Some of the textile work is already visible. The official opening will be Monday.

Merging Nature, installation by DAMSS
 from Milano, made of recycled plastic and fabric.
Their work is always site specific.

Some quilts are already displayed in the store windows.

We finished with a nice lunch at Verona Antica, the oldest Osteria in Verona.

Olive oil tasting

Scenes from our walk back home.

Peter went home for a rest and the ladies and I headed to a craft fare at the Arsenale.

Tonight we are going for dinner with a group of my italian friends!! I think we will be about 16! Everyone is loving it.

I am so glad people are making new friends.

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