Sunday, October 6, 2019

Planning for my Textile Trips

Since my return from Italy, I have been concentrating on planning the next 2 textile trips to Italy for 2020.

I love that part! Designing the post cards and getting them ready to print, dropping them off at yarn and quilt stores in the city of Toronto, mailing a bunch out to shops in Southern Ontario, putting some info on Ravelry (TKG forum and GTA fibre-faces forum) and in guild newsletters and talking to people about the trips. People who've travelled with me before are so supportive as well. They've all had amazing experiences and help spread the word.

Did you know 25% of people who sign up are repeat travellers?

Roman bridge, Ponte Pietra

Right now I am getting wonderful emails from people interested, either for these trips or for future ones.

Recently I got a message from a lady in Borneo and she and her 3 Australian friends are planning to come of the Verona Textile Trip in 2021! I haven't even started advertising for that one yet.

Verona's Adige river and Ponte Pietra

In the past, I have had people from Alberta, Quebec and many cities in Ontario as well as people from France, the UK and Germany.

Travellers can arrive from anywhere actually. The only prerequisite is that they have a knowledge of English.

Update: So the Knitting Retreat interest in picking up. It's 60% full. There are many retreats being offered out there. What makes mine different? I guess it would be the fact that I live in the place I am hosting the group. I go to eat at the same restaurants where I bring my group so I know them well. I have a bunch of friends that are always ready to welcome my group. My groups are very small. I can integrate the knitters in the everyday life of the city.  I am of Italian heritage and speak Italian- that's a plus.

The Umbria trip is almost full! One spot left!!

All very exciting!!