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 Knitting Retreat in Verona, Italy, May 15 - 24, 2020

Journaling in Umbria, Italy, August 29 - September 5, 2020

Verona Textile Trip in Verona, Italy, Spring 2021 for ten days

  Umbria, Italy, end of summer 2021, for ten days

Trips organized by Italian/Canadian Sandra Reford since 2011

Knitting Retreat in Verona, Italy
May 15 - 24, 2020
60% full!

Did you know that in the middle ages yarn production was very important in Verona? So the city is a perfect setting for this retreat….can I call it a retreat? If you’ve travelled with me before, you know the itinerary is filled with great things. Not much "hanging around” and retreating! 

$3,350 CAD, double occupancy (single available)
*Travellers applying from outside Canada pay in euro. Please contact me for the price.

The price includes:

Accommodation in the Roman quarter for 9 nights, transportation to and from Catullo Airport, 3-hour guided, walking tour of Verona's city centre concentrating on the Medieval period and places related to yarn production, two knitting classes with an Italian designer/teacher, knitting with local knitters on several occasions, a visit to a sheep and alpaca farm in the Lessinia with a sheep sheering demo, a natural dying workshop, a cooking class, a visit to the famous Valpolicella wine region, a visit to Lake Garda, three meals per day in restaurants, osterias and bars as well as a few catered meals in the apartments. 
Not included are your flight, souvenirs, health insurance while in another country. 

Because I speak Italian and have been travelling, living and working with Italian artists, quilters and knitters for the past 13 years, I am able to integrate my group in the culture and local life of Verona. My trips are curated with culture as a focus. You'll be living the italian way.  Che bello!! 
An authentic Italian experience!

References available.

All knitting levels are welcome. Maximum number of knitters is 10. 

First come, first served.


Arena, Verona's Amphitheatre.

Journaling in Umbria 
August 29 - September 5, 2020


Spend 7 nights in the beautiful countryside of Umbria. Umbria is the Italian province located in the heart of the country, right in the middle. It is noted for its green rolling hills and olive trees.

The trip is geared to hobby and practicing textile artists. No previous art experience necessary.

The theme of this trip is journaling. We will be sketching, with instruction, every day. Time after dinner will be set aside for sharing our daily entires. Travellers will create a book full of inspiration to translate into textile art, quilts, paintings or stories upon return to a home studio.

Participants will be sent a very small list of art supplies to purchase.

The price includes:

Accommodation 7 nights in the countryside outside the medieval town of Trevi with private pool amongst a grove of over 1000 olive trees, an Umbrian cooking class with local wine paring, a fabric dying class at a farm, a visit to an artist’s studio, a paper making class and a silk making demo using medieval machinery, a visit to San Francesco's first church, a visit to a Benedictine frantoio, a visit to 6 small towns and more! 
(itinerary subject to change)
Three meals per day are included with lunches at restaurants, osterias and bars in different towns and dinners catered at the villa.

Transportation from Fiumicino Airport in Rome to Trevi on August 29 and from Trevi to the Termini train station in Rome on September 5 is included as is all the transportation while in Umbria.

Not included are your flight, souvenirs, your health insurance while out of your country.

                                   Maximum number of travellers for the group is 7.

Click here and here to see past trips.

The Medieval Hilltop Town of Trevi

Verona Textile Trip
Spring 2021

Past trip: Verona Textile Trip

Live like an Italian for 10 days/9 nights.
This trip is in conjunction with the international textile event, Verona Tessile.

The trip starts in Verona so you can arrive from anywhere! Knowledge of english is essential.

The itinerary includes textile art/ quilting classes from well known Italian artists or quilters, a cooking class, a wine tasting in the Valpolicella, a guided walking tour of Verona, meals at special restaurants and catered meals at other times, day trip to Venice, sharing time with Italian quilters and of course, all the international textile/quilt exhibits held in different historical buildings around the city during the 4-day festival, Verona Tessile. The accommodations are apartments in Verona's historical Roman quarter and were renovated/restored in 2011 .

You can see photos of past trips from March 2011 and April 2013 by clicking here and  here and here and here. Also check the 2015 trip photos on my blog starting from May 2015 or click here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Because I speak Italian and have been travelling, living and working with Italian artists and quilters for the past 13 years, I am able to integrate my group in the culture and local life of Verona...you'll be living like a local. I hope you will be able to join me for an authentic Italian experience!
References available.

(itinerary subject to change)

Maximum number of travellers for the group is 12 people.

"There is no world without Verona walls, but purgatory, torture, hell itself"
(Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet, Act III-Scene III)

 Umbria Trip

end of summer 2021

Not sure if it will be a knitting retreat or a journaling trip. 
Let me know what you want!
Check back here soon for details.

Travelling with me means an authentic Italian experience! Be a local!

People who enjoy my trips are :

- open-minded and welcome new experiences
- have no mobility issues
- are independent
- love Italian food and have no serious food restrictions
- work well in groups

References available.

First come, first served. Trips fill up quite quickly. 

You can email me with any questions about any of my Italy trips.


The trip exceeded my expectations. It was a  wonderful combination of exploring two lovely historical cities (Verona, Venice) combined with seeing the works of other fibre artists and hands on learning experiences. (Verona 2013)

 I have travelled a lot and have been on some organized tours, but this trip was different. Having a person who combines her love of Italy with her love of textile art in putting together a trip for quilters adds depth to this experience. Sandra ensures that her group has a "European" experience up close and personal. The Ad Maiora Association is to be commended in bringing together the wonderful works of international quilters and fibre artists. I've started saving for the next trip in two years. 
(S.N. Verona 2013)
(Note: This person travelled with me again in 2015 and also come to Umbria in 2016!!)

Thank you Sandra! You put an incredible amount of work into planning this trip and into your attention and care during the actual trip. I know we really got a good deal for our dollar. On our own trying to plan and have the quality of experiences we had (accommodation, food) it would have been mush more expensive. It is the most luxurious trip I have ever had. (Verona, 2013)

What did you like doing the best? I don't even think I can answer that! The trip to Venice, the winery lunch, the amazing quilts in the most beautiful venues, the workshops were great as I don't tend to take many and I can see what I am missing (!), the camaraderie amongst the group, just walking around  by myself in Verona and the food not to mention the wine. For me personally, I thought it was the right mix of sewing and other activities. Did this trip meet my expectations? Yes and more! (K.O. Verona, 2011)

What did you like doing the best? Everything! Verona is a beautiful city to wander about in, interesting shopping, history, old buildings, people watching...I always want to know about the culture, economics, etc and you were so knowledgable and prepared to answer all my questions and found out the answer if you didn't know it....meeting the "Italian girls" and sewing with them, M.T. opening her home to us, taking us to the country for the lunch in the vineyard, late nights walking home with the other group members and getting to know them, the trip to Venice you organized, and must not forget the quilts and art work! I really liked the Afghanistan Project. Sandra, it was a fabulous experience, Verona, new friends, the Italians, the Canadians, being on my "own" with only me to look after. How can I complain! (G.M. Verona, 2011)