Sunday, March 27, 2011

new life

 The weather in Verona has been amazing in the last week. Flowering trees are everywhere and the sun is shining. It lifts your spirit!

this is the first thing I saw yesterday as I left the house
the view on the way to breakfast at bar, Scio Rum
looking back at the view up to the sanctuary
This morning, I went to view friend and artist, Judy Martin's blog, Her title is 'trinity', a perfect word for me this morning.

Pietro has chosen me as his godmother.

 He is celebrating his confirmation this afternoon- a new energy of faith in his catholic life.

San Giorgio, church
When I am in Italy I feel renewed.

My friend took this picture of me yesterday.
I find it interesting that you see three triangles...maybe more.
I have new ideas for my textile art, my quilted blankets, my classes and my life.

I fly back home on Tuesday.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

art shows

Participating in Verona Tessile as an artist was a wonderful experience.

I enjoyed sharing the exhibition space, the Loggia Barbaro, with two amazing textile artist from Verona; Maria Teresa Sansotta and Marina Tavella, www.windowonweb/marinatavella.

the show was on the second floor of the Loggia Barbaro
where you see the arched windows

entrance with poster of the event

We had a fun time hanging the show together.

Even though the heat was on, we had to wear our coats while we worked. With the high ceilings, the space never really gets that warm.

The final look..

 maria teresa sansotta's work (not all shown)

my section, 5 pieces (not all shown)

marina tavella's work (not all shown)

All three artists presented at least one work that has received an award.

My two new textile works will be exhibited in Toronto, Side Space Gallery, in June, 2011.

left-pages of my life, photo transfers, text, hand dyed fabrics, silk, cotton, linen, hand and machine work,
right- many moons, hand painted cloth, photo transfers, text, paper, silk, cotton, linen, plastic

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I hear it snowed in Toronto.

view of the snow-capped mountains
from Ponte della Vittoria

In Verona, it was a gorgeous day... sunny and warm and wonderful.

me this morning waiting for a coffee

After a few errands, I met up with my friends at the Ad Maiora studio. I had some time to sew after lunch. I tried out the new quilting technique I saw on one of Jennifer Manefield's quilts. It is just straight sewing but not too straight. In fact, the lines are slightly crooked on purpose. I think it will look great using variegated thread on one of my scrap quilts.

preparing for my class on Friday. 
On Friday morning, I am teaching how to make a zippered pouch. As a sample, I am using the fabric pieces I dyed in Marina Tavella's class (www.windowonweb/marinatavella) while the Canadians were in Verona.

It has been a while since I have been at the sewing machine. It felt really good to sew for an hour while the sun danced on my fabric.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Remember Venice?

Venice was about two and a half weeks ago!

My friend, Sjoukje Roem Sijstra, has just sent me a few pictures from our time there that I wanted to share.

pretty canadian!

 The woman below spent 350 hours making her costume. Every bead is sewn on by hand. She comes from France every year to model her "art". Her past creations are in her closet!

who's the guy with the glasses??

We went to the San Michele cemetery.

the cemetery island seen from the vaporetto

coffin being brought to the cemetery

mid 1800's, woman being praised for her organizational skills as a house wife
as an X ballet dancer I had to see Diaghilew's tomb
beautiful simple art deco letters for Igor and spouse, Vera, Stravinsky

A little lesson in renovating in Venice...

to replace the foundation, they have to drain the water in the canal and build a dam made out of wood to keep the water out. The yellow tubes are inserted to keep the house "breathing" and get rid of the humidity.

you can see the rotten wood beams holding (?) up the stone house
I never went back to tell you about the festa di maschera...

We were part of my friend's family group consisting of 26 people. The costume theme for the group was The Odyssey. The 9 Canadians came as the sirens. The group won first prize! We were all presented with trophies! 

There was live music

and dancing

Gail dancing with the locals!

and laughing

 and lots of food and drink! 

me as a blonde! with Ulysses

At 1:30 a.m., after a morning, guided tour of the city, a typical veronese lunch of peara, a quilt class and the party, Gail says, "I can't believe this is only our first day!"

Monday, March 21, 2011

and the beat goes on

The Canadians left last week.

three of the Canadians plus my good friend, Maria Teresa,
 who helped so much with the driving while the 8 Canadians where in town

 After a few days of packing up the exhibits and art work, I left for Concordia Sagittaria, north east of Venice...

Jennifer beside San Stefano,
baptistry, 11th century, cathedral, 13th century

view from my bedroom window with the Dolomites in the distance
and the Lemene River

 ...for some teaching engagements; 4 days, 5 classes and a total of 58 students that came in from Mestre, Padova and Portogruaro, which is close by.

lunch with some of the students and store owners

They appreciated the new way of working I presented in my classes.

saturday's class

monica brought a cake to share after the class

sharing the delicious almond cake
I have been invited back by the owners.

 Rita with store owners, sisters Sonja and Tanja
"Home Sweet Home"

I stayed with Jennifer, an Australian friend and fellow quilter. She gave me a lesson on how to clean and cook artichokes, a technique she learned from her italian mother-in-law.

cut off the bottom leaves

chop off the top and take out the choke

soak in water with lemon until ready to cook

Before I left the house, I took a picture from outside the attic window...a farmer's field.

Great inspiration for a quilt pattern.