Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I hear it snowed in Toronto.

view of the snow-capped mountains
from Ponte della Vittoria

In Verona, it was a gorgeous day... sunny and warm and wonderful.

me this morning waiting for a coffee

After a few errands, I met up with my friends at the Ad Maiora studio. I had some time to sew after lunch. I tried out the new quilting technique I saw on one of Jennifer Manefield's quilts. It is just straight sewing but not too straight. In fact, the lines are slightly crooked on purpose. I think it will look great using variegated thread on one of my scrap quilts.

preparing for my class on Friday. 
On Friday morning, I am teaching how to make a zippered pouch. As a sample, I am using the fabric pieces I dyed in Marina Tavella's class (www.windowonweb/marinatavella) while the Canadians were in Verona.

It has been a while since I have been at the sewing machine. It felt really good to sew for an hour while the sun danced on my fabric.

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