Sunday, March 13, 2011

cooking class

I organized a cooking class for last Thursday.

different types of radicchio

Antonia and Annalisa from La Cucina di Casa,, were our teachers.

chopping the radicchio for the risotto

Not only did the teachers give us the recipes and show us techniques but they also talked about the history of the dishes. Verona is rich in tradition and that extends to their food.

My friend opened up her home for us. 

taking notes and discussing the food preparations
We had Crostini with Monte Veronese cheese.

We learned to make fresh pasta.

two kinds of flour

adding the eggs one at a time

after kneading

testing the texture

rolling it out

different ways to cut the pasta

The pasta was added to the Pasta e Fagioli.

We prepared the stock for a wonderful light chicken salad.

Zaleti's, soft cornmeal cakes, were made for dessert. Yummy! 

The dishes will be reproduced at home by all!

Our gifts were a big hit!

I am sure they will find an interesting way to incorporate the maple syrup into a recipe.

We of course ate the food that was prepared for lunch. 


  1. (forgot my password so I'm using Vilma's mail box)
    Sounds very interesting. Wish I would have been there to eat some of that Pasta e Fagioli - my favorite!

  2. Wow - a cooking class and with La Cucina di Casa "chefs". What a great idea. Everything looks so tempting. Love those aprons!