Wednesday, March 16, 2011

taking down the exhibits

Verona Tessile was a huge success hosting over 3000 visitors. Six days of art everywhere in the historical centre of Verona. Textile work in store windows, art galleries, antique shops, hotels, churches, 'bars' and the Museum of Modern Art.

traditional work by Maria Rosaria Nola  in San Giorgetto,
Galleria D'Arte Moderna Palazzo Forti, Color Improvisations exhibit,
textile work by Barbara Bugliani
one of the organizers with a canadian quilter in the foreground

DAMSS, Daniela Arnaldi and Marco Sarzi-Sartori,
title: The Sign, 150cm x 450 cm x 3 cm
work exhibited at Hotel Trieste lobby

quilts at La Casa di Giulietta

Art work at Hotel Trieste by DAMSS

The nice thing for me was that many people viewing the textile works were not linked to quilting or patchwork. Just people interested in art expression.

It's done.

last box out of Palazzo Forti

beautiful stone patchwork floor at San Giorgetto
 now visible without the quilts

locking up at what the locals call San Giorgetto,
 piazza San Anastasia

wheeling the extra boxes of catalogues back to the studio

The city government is already talking about sponsoring next year's event. The members of Ad Maiora already have many new ideas for Verona Tessile, 2012.

I have been so busy that only this morning did I noticed the daffodils growing outside my bedroom window.

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