Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Remember Venice?

Venice was about two and a half weeks ago!

My friend, Sjoukje Roem Sijstra, has just sent me a few pictures from our time there that I wanted to share.

pretty canadian!

 The woman below spent 350 hours making her costume. Every bead is sewn on by hand. She comes from France every year to model her "art". Her past creations are in her closet!

who's the guy with the glasses??

We went to the San Michele cemetery.

the cemetery island seen from the vaporetto

coffin being brought to the cemetery

mid 1800's, woman being praised for her organizational skills as a house wife
as an X ballet dancer I had to see Diaghilew's tomb
beautiful simple art deco letters for Igor and spouse, Vera, Stravinsky

A little lesson in renovating in Venice...

to replace the foundation, they have to drain the water in the canal and build a dam made out of wood to keep the water out. The yellow tubes are inserted to keep the house "breathing" and get rid of the humidity.

you can see the rotten wood beams holding (?) up the stone house
I never went back to tell you about the festa di maschera...

We were part of my friend's family group consisting of 26 people. The costume theme for the group was The Odyssey. The 9 Canadians came as the sirens. The group won first prize! We were all presented with trophies! 

There was live music

and dancing

Gail dancing with the locals!

and laughing

 and lots of food and drink! 

me as a blonde! with Ulysses

At 1:30 a.m., after a morning, guided tour of the city, a typical veronese lunch of peara, a quilt class and the party, Gail says, "I can't believe this is only our first day!"

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