Monday, March 21, 2011

and the beat goes on

The Canadians left last week.

three of the Canadians plus my good friend, Maria Teresa,
 who helped so much with the driving while the 8 Canadians where in town

 After a few days of packing up the exhibits and art work, I left for Concordia Sagittaria, north east of Venice...

Jennifer beside San Stefano,
baptistry, 11th century, cathedral, 13th century

view from my bedroom window with the Dolomites in the distance
and the Lemene River

 ...for some teaching engagements; 4 days, 5 classes and a total of 58 students that came in from Mestre, Padova and Portogruaro, which is close by.

lunch with some of the students and store owners

They appreciated the new way of working I presented in my classes.

saturday's class

monica brought a cake to share after the class

sharing the delicious almond cake
I have been invited back by the owners.

 Rita with store owners, sisters Sonja and Tanja
"Home Sweet Home"

I stayed with Jennifer, an Australian friend and fellow quilter. She gave me a lesson on how to clean and cook artichokes, a technique she learned from her italian mother-in-law.

cut off the bottom leaves

chop off the top and take out the choke

soak in water with lemon until ready to cook

Before I left the house, I took a picture from outside the attic window...a farmer's field.

Great inspiration for a quilt pattern.

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  1. i love the farmer's field pic! looks like a pattern in the cement at first glance