Thursday, March 24, 2011

art shows

Participating in Verona Tessile as an artist was a wonderful experience.

I enjoyed sharing the exhibition space, the Loggia Barbaro, with two amazing textile artist from Verona; Maria Teresa Sansotta and Marina Tavella, www.windowonweb/marinatavella.

the show was on the second floor of the Loggia Barbaro
where you see the arched windows

entrance with poster of the event

We had a fun time hanging the show together.

Even though the heat was on, we had to wear our coats while we worked. With the high ceilings, the space never really gets that warm.

The final look..

 maria teresa sansotta's work (not all shown)

my section, 5 pieces (not all shown)

marina tavella's work (not all shown)

All three artists presented at least one work that has received an award.

My two new textile works will be exhibited in Toronto, Side Space Gallery, in June, 2011.

left-pages of my life, photo transfers, text, hand dyed fabrics, silk, cotton, linen, hand and machine work,
right- many moons, hand painted cloth, photo transfers, text, paper, silk, cotton, linen, plastic

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