Friday, June 29, 2012

Call for Entry

Did you notice I added a new title under PAGES? (over on the right side..see it?)

It's called Call For Entry.

Check it out! The title of the juried exhibit is MINERALS. You must be Canadian to participate in this one (sorry to all my international followers!).

I will keep adding other opportunities for all quilters and textile artists to exhibit their works in Canadian and international juried shows so check it once in a while.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Patchwork from Grade 8 students

When I look at the works from the Grade 8 art class at Branksome Hall, the quilts from Gees Bend come to mind.

this is CONTRAST

I see a modern art aspect, like from the 60's, with some of the combinations.

photo by T. Butler

The wonkiness of some blocks is primitive yet so charming.

detail, MOVEMENT

The girls made 6 quilts using different art concepts- Contrast, Unity, Movement, Pattern, Balance and

The students designed and sewed their own blocks. They tied their quilts with embroidery floss and the teacher put the binding on.

They will be displayed at the school before they are donated.

this is a detail from BALANCE

I wasn't involved in this class but I did watch them work once. It was nice to see them problem solving with measurements and placement of their chosen fabrics.

this is EMPHASIS

 Because quilting has been such a positive thing in my life, I was glad to see a new generation introduced to it.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Stock Up

The works going to France have all come in, except one. Some came hand delivered, some came rolled up, most came folded in boxes.

A quilt from the Fogo Island ladies peaking through.

Four quilts from Newfoundland, all snuggled up
in their own labeled bags.
These are off to France!

The best way to store, ship or transport your quilts or textile art is to ROLL the work.

Reflect and Repair all rolled up. My work is also going to France
 to be part of Tradition in Transition
but will have to be folded up for transport.

I use what we call here, Noodles! The kids use them for swimming, helps them float. They are light weight and can be easily cut to the size you need.

$1.99 each at Canadian Tire

You can label them. You can pin a protective fabric around the "noodle" before you roll your work around it.

Jayne Willoughby-Scott covers and labels the "noodle".
The work seen is Night Drawing #3. It is going to France.

The only thing...if you need some and it isn't summer time you can't buy them anywhere. So now is the time to STOCK UP!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

School Project

The culminating works from the grade 10 art class are hanging in the hallway at Branksome Hall. It was exciting for me to see how the students combined the sewing techniques I taught them with the other techniques they learned during the year with their art teachers.

free motion stitching on painted canvas and gel transfer

hand stitching, machine stitching, painted melted tyvek on canvas

detail, "Batophobia",
 hand stitching and free motion machine stitching
 were used on a photo transfer by this
 grade 10 student.

The students were very keen to use the product Sulky "Solvy", which is a soluble film that is dissolved in water after it is stitched and the maker is left only with the stitching. The cuff shown below is a good example. It was stitched free form.

The artist of the following piece, "Media Destruction", also used the same product but achieved a different effect.

One can also draw with thread when using the darning foot attachment on a sewing machine.

detail, Almost Free
 the car and the text were drawn free hand with thread. 

The art staff wants to have me back again next year but earlier in the year so the students will have more time to experiment and develop the sewing techniques.

detail, Around the World
I did help this student sew like a "real" quilter.
 Look at her matching corners! Impressive!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

5 Nice Words

I saw someone wearing a T-shirt this morning that said


detail of a commission quilt


detail, quilt made of children's clothes


T-shirt inserted into a quilt


Three panels ready to be stitched together.
A commission quilt for young lady using fabric from
her favorite baby clothes.


Some good words.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


 Today in Toronto it's 35 degrees (with the humidex).

photo by friend and quilter J. Freeman

It's tough to do anything when it's that hot.

Monday, June 11, 2012


She says that I am experiencing success.

I say, "but it is horizontal success."

She says, "which is better than horizontal void."

I say, "Vertical success is what I was going for."

Friday, June 8, 2012

Last Get Together

Thursday was our last sewing get-together at the Spadina Library. The head librarian (and super supporter of our work) is retiring and so is this wonderful program.

Me (left) and the group with the final quilt completed.

We finished our last quilt to be donated to the Native Centre Children's Aid. We will be giving them 3 of our crib-size quilts.

log cabin, tumbling blocks and hexagon quilts all made my our group
 using scraps of fabric

We divided up our supplies. We all went home with quilt magazines, fabric and notions.

Rummaging through the supplies was like setting kids free in a candy store!

What was the best part of these meetings? The free sewing and quilting tips I gave, says one. The getting together part and chatting with new friends.

I love this picture because I remember the two friends chatting away. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tradition in Transition

Things are coming along with the France show- lots of articles still to write, more decisions to be made, more funding to find.

downtown Toronto wall art

I read somewhere,

"Determination is the first chapter in the book of excellence."

downtown Toronto wall art

I am determined to put together an excellent exhibit for France.

I have had such support and encouragement from friends, family and the artists participating.

downtown Toronto wall art

I am committed to representing Canada.

I am committed to representing the participating artists.

It will be an amazing exhibit! (fear is a great motivator)

And if you are wondering what my images have to do with the text, well, to me embarking on a big task means doing things one step at a time and these brick walls reminded me of that-constructed one brick at a time.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Art Works Arriving

The shipping date for the France works is fast approaching.

detail, Judy Martin's Twenty Four Hour Care

I have three gorgeous textiles at my home right now.

detail, Anna Hergert's Aglow

I must say that the works HERE and REAL are far more spectacular than their images.

detail, Penny Beren's Rusty Gate

This is all becoming REAL to me as the textile pieces start arriving.