Saturday, November 21, 2015


I really needed to take a good workshop to find a new source of inspiration. Sometimes you get tired of your same studio, the same fabrics, the same projects. You need to kick start something new.

Gunnel Hag's work using photo transfers

I spent Saturday at Gunnel Hag's studio in Toronto and experimented with photo transfers.

I am really happy with the samples I made during the workshop. I printed on several types of fabric; cotton, silk, linen and commercially printed cottons.

One of methods taught was new to me (using Bubble Jet Set) and the other two methods which I had experience with I was able to tweak using Gunnel's tips.

I also enjoyed talking to the other student who took the class. She had several degrees in art-related subjects and I found her inspirational. BONUS: she was of italian heritage!

Most of the photos I transferred were photos of textures. Below are a few examples of the 8.5" x 11" photo transfers.

photo of the wall in the courtyard of Giulietta's
house in Verona, Italy. 
photo of a rusty panel, Verona streets.
This was transferred onto silk. It is really lovely
and almost transparent.
This photo taken at one of Paris' cemeteries
was transferred onto a grey fabric with
a small square design.
I like it.
The building in downtown Toronto
was transferred onto a piece of
commercially printed cotton
with words and math formulas

I am not sure yet how I will add stitch to them or how I will integrate them in larger works. That part needs to have some 'steeping' time.