Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Hot Days of Summer

Being inspired means keeping your senses in good working order! All 5 senses!

How about this amazing tea as an inspiration for a quilt? Why not?

Queen West Tea from Tealish
It has a great smell. It tastes amazing as an iced tea, which is what I have been drinking. It is so hot here in the south of Italy. It hit 39 degrees Celsius today!

Check out the amazing colour combination!

Blue, yellow, different shades of orange, dark brown (don't forget the tea leaves!)

You decide what shape to create, which block best tells your story.

When you use that quilt, you'll be remembering the time you made that tea, the hot days of the summer you spent in Italy.... or wherever you are.

Going back to the beach. Can't wait to get in the water and cool off!