Friday, December 14, 2018

Printing Results

Here is the report from the silk screen workshop I took a few weeks ago.

The house heat eventually came on and I was able to dry the packets to set the pigment.

I lay the packets on the radiator.
bubbles in the sink
I was so pleased most of the print was still visible.

I did not lose any of the designs.

I love the textures I've created.

Not sure yet what I will do with these pieces.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Verona Trip

It's now official.

The trip to Verona, Italy, is FULL.

We have a few Canadians from Quebec, Ontario and Alberta who have signed up. We have two English women, one of whom lives in France. We have an American who lives in Germany.

What an international group!

The travellers quilt, create contemporary textile works, paint, knit...what talent!!

I can't wait to share this special place with them. I really love living in Verona!!

People who like my trips are open-minded people who love new experiences. They have no mobility issues (we do lots of walking). They love Italian food (who doesn't!) and have no serious food restrictions. They work well in groups.

I am disappointed I couldn't get everyone who sent me emails of interest registered for the trip but there is always the next time. Spring 2021. Remember it's first come, first served.

Please check back in April 2019 to see a visual diary of what we'll be up to in gorgeous Verona!

I also have a trip to Umbria (the province in the middle of Italy). It focuses on journalling. Check it out here. You'll have to scroll down to see the Umbria info.

(All photographs of Verona are mine from past trips.)

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Printing Workshop

I took a workshop at ColourVie with Gunnel Hag; Deconstructed Screen Printing.

It was a silkscreen printing workshop using textured items to make designs. Loved it! It is exactly what I focus on when doing my art- repurposing items like plastic and using things that are destined for landfill.

One part of the technique that is important is keeping the fabric wet and moist after it has been printed. Heat is needed to set the dyes...which of course proved difficult for me as today is Day 9 of NO HEAT in the house...a reminder for people: I live in Canada and winters are cold! (anyway they are installing a new boiler today so I will be ok this evening)

I wrapped the printed fabrics in plastic and tried to keep them warm tucked into a pile of quilts.

I will have to give you a report later on after I heat the fabrics and rinse them. It could be that I lose all the colour and nothing sets!

I really hope I won't lose all my work.

The packets are wrapped in plastic, then in a cloth bag
then tucked into the middle of a pile of quilts while I wait for the radiators to get hot.