Friday, June 22, 2012

Stock Up

The works going to France have all come in, except one. Some came hand delivered, some came rolled up, most came folded in boxes.

A quilt from the Fogo Island ladies peaking through.

Four quilts from Newfoundland, all snuggled up
in their own labeled bags.
These are off to France!

The best way to store, ship or transport your quilts or textile art is to ROLL the work.

Reflect and Repair all rolled up. My work is also going to France
 to be part of Tradition in Transition
but will have to be folded up for transport.

I use what we call here, Noodles! The kids use them for swimming, helps them float. They are light weight and can be easily cut to the size you need.

$1.99 each at Canadian Tire

You can label them. You can pin a protective fabric around the "noodle" before you roll your work around it.

Jayne Willoughby-Scott covers and labels the "noodle".
The work seen is Night Drawing #3. It is going to France.

The only thing...if you need some and it isn't summer time you can't buy them anywhere. So now is the time to STOCK UP!

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