Sunday, March 6, 2011

verona trip

We have had two full days in Verona! People arrived while there was the Carnavale parade in the city. We made it to the apartment without getting hit with eggs!

arriving on friday
Friday was arrivals and there was a few mix ups! Suitcases lost, missing trains, and late flights but it all got settled and we had a fantastic lasagna dinner at one apartment all together.

one of the three apartments I rented for the group,

another view of la dolce vita

la cadrega papaveri, one of the apartments in the historical centre
another apartment in the same palazzo, la cadrega rossa
stopping for coffee with our tour guide, Christina

view of roman theatre and adige

the big walk up to the studio!

getting our exercise! 

tile from sicily in front of the studio door bell

snack at the studio prepared by our teacher, Roberta

fun at the quilt store in parona

So far, we have had a walking tour of the historical city, lunch at a typical osteria, walk to the studio, quilt class using scraps, mascarade party (we won first prize!! more on that later), cappucino stops, bus rides, lots of galani's to eat, views of the mountains covered in snow, lunch in the sun, fun demo at Falcetto store with Cristian, Afghanistan hand piecing technique class with Patrizia, presents...everyone is having fun! Tomorrow Venice!


  1. Looks like you are all having a good time. Great! 2" of snow this morning.
    Frank C

  2. Wow! Mom looks great in black. Very stylish.

  3. Sounds great! Everyone seems so happy. It's fun for me too. I picture myself there with all of you.