Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The famous wine region, Valpolicella, is about 15 minutes from Verona.

Dried grapes ready for making wine

We started with breakfast at the Rialto down the street where there is a vine growing inside the cafe and then pokes out through a hole and outside it hugs the balcony.

We met at Ponte Vittoria. My two friends and expert quilters, Roberta and Susanna, were our guides. We stopped in at a Roman church before heading to the vineyards. They had lots of good information to share with us about the typical italian gardens and italian ways.

We stopped at several villas.

Posing in front of Santa Sofia.
On the grounds of Villa Giona

The garden at Villa Giona

The wine tasting was very popular!

This is how you drink the sweet recioto. That's right,
                             pour it on your sweet cookie. 

We tasted four different kinds of wines from the producers Villa Crine di Venturini Giovanni Battista: Valpolicella Classico, Ripasso, Amarone, Recioto. The sweet dessert wine has been their first prize winner at many wine festivals. All 4 wines were so good. I bought two bottles for my husband but I wanted to buy more!

The family that hosted the tour was so wonderful!! So loving towards each other and so passionate about their winemaking. Their son will be following in their foot steps.

Giovanni and Mara, husband and wife, wine makers.

Our lunch was a selection of local cheeses, home-made salami and grilled polenta.

After wine touring, we stopped at Susanna's house for a coffee and sweets and a taste of her home-made marmalade! and a tour and a quilting demo by Roberta which turned out to be a full class!

Roberta shows us an example of the
 curved piecing we learned.

Susanna's studio.
She has her great grandmother's shawl framed
and under glass between the two windows.
One of the travellers said on the walk back to the apartments that every day is better than the previous one. That makes me feel good. Really today was all the work of Susanna and Roberta! They planned an excellent day. They made ME look good!!

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