Saturday, November 3, 2012

Friday's Pleasure

I dedicated almost the entire Friday to art! Love it!

In the next two weeks, you can see a number of textile exhibits in the city of Oakville and Toronto while the World of Threads Festival  is on. Most of the exhibits were curated by Gareth Bate and festival chair, Dawne Rudman.

There are 12 countries and 8 Canadian provinces represented.

I specifically went to support the makers that exhibited a piece in Tradition in Transition.

Penny Berens (one piece),

Penny Berens' piece, Under Construction, 
part of the Connections fibre group exhibition

Anna Hergert (one piece),

Love the shadow Anna's piece casts
on the gallery wall.
You can see a little of her piece from 2009,
Acquatic Embrace
on the right side. It's made of stitched plastic
and is part of the exhibit Momento Mori

 Judith Martin (four pieces plus curator for and participant in Continuum).

detail, Monumental Simplicty, part of Continuum
109" x109"

detail, Trinity,  2011,
26" x 40"
part of Quiet Zone

detail, Light of the Moon, 2009,
38" x46"
part of Variegated Threads

detail, Heart to Heart, 2009,
24" x 60"

Another participating artist, Amanda McCavour, curated Material Connections which will be on next week in Toronto. I'm looking forward to seeing that.

And bonus, Gloria S. Daly flew all the way from Vancouver Island to see the 21 exhibits and we got a chance to meet!

Gloria S. Daly and I .... instant friends!

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  1. Sandra, as always you are so supportive to my work. I really appreciate your encouragement. May I encourage you to continue with your curator work and also with your own stitched work.