Thursday, November 8, 2012

Talking about Art

I met with Catherine Dormor and Judith Martin for breakfast this week before they headed up to Manitoulin Island. Catherine was Judy's advisor for her BA in embroidered textiles at Middlesex University. Dr. Dormor was in town from the UK for the World of Threads Festival.

detail, Shimmer, 2011

We had some good conversation. One of the things we talked about was slow hand stitching and getting in 'the zen zone' while working. I can get 'there' when I sew by machine...the sound of the motor, the repetitive motion.

Made of silk organza and silk satin

I miss having art people around me to talk with about art things. At the end of our time together, my mind was so full of ideas and questions to consider! I came home, got my journal out and put the words in my head onto paper then sat at the machine and sewed all morning.

technique: digital print

Shimmer, 2011
Made up of six panels.

I started a new piece- conceptual one.

detail, Shimmer

I only clued in afterwards, on the way home, that Dr. Catherine Dormor was the artist of Shimmer. I absolutely loved that piece! It was part of the exhibit Quiet Zone at the World of Threads Festival.

 These are two of the panels,
 one in front of the other.

I would have loved to talk to her about it!

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