Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Do you need another idea?

How about a pillow case?

I made one a few years ago for my daughter and she still loves it!


24 inch cut of pillow case fabric (24 inches x width of fabric) Non-directional is ideal. For fabric with figures, they should stand with their heads towards the selvage in order for them to be upright when the pillow case is completed
10 1/2 inches fabric for cuff (10 1/2 inches x width of fabric)
1 1/2  inch strip of accent fabric (1 1/2 inches x width of fabric), folded in half lengthwise and ironed.

How to:

Part 1

1. Lay the 10 1/2 inch fabric on your table with the good side facing you
2. Lay over that the pillow case fabric with good side facing you (the selvage ends are to the right and left sides)
3. Lay the accent fabric over that, lining up the raw edges
4. Pin in place
5. Sew all layers together
(helpful hint: I use my 1/4 inch foot for this)

Part 1 should look like this.
Part 2

1. Flip the cuff fabric up and over to the front.
2. Fold a 1/4 inch seam and iron.

Part 2 should look like this.
Part 3

1. Sew the cuff so that the accent fabric peeks through.
(helpful hint: I use my walking foot for this)

Part 3 should look like this.
Part 4

1. Fold the pillow case in half, good sides facing outward.
2. Cut off the selvage edge.

Closing up the Pillow Case:

Sew the side and bottom of the pillow case (you are sewing an L shape)

Regular way:

1. Fold with good side facing inward and sew the L-shaped seam
Turn right side out. Voila!!


French seam: (looks neater and better!)

1. Fold the pillow case with the good side of the fabric facing outward.
2. Sew straight along the L edge catching only about 1/8 inch of the fabric.

first part of the french seam
3. Turn the pillow case inside out and iron the edges flat.

4. Sew the same L shape, taking in a generous 1/4 inch seam allowance.

5. Turn the pillow right side out and iron. Voila!!

Fold and wrap!

If you are making several I suggest you do it assembly style- cut everything at once, match up your fabric pieces for every pillowcase, pin all the pieces together, sew the first seam on all the pillow cases, etc. Way faster!

This is a good gift for any age!

Add a good bedtime book to the gift. Or how about a cup and hot chocolate recipe, or a new pj, or a bedtime cuddle toy, or a new alarm clock...

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  1. Wow! What a great idea. Thank-you for making it seem so easy.