Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ms Emma still designs

My friend, Sofia Verna, was in Toronto recently. She is the owner of Ms Emma Designs but more importantly she is the designer, painter, the artist behind the clothes.

Ms Emma Designs, 543 College Street, Toronto

While she was in town, she was busy sewing up a storm!

Her fabrics are as beautiful as ever! She paints and dyes them in her studio in Italy. She has a great colour sense!

She also makes wonderful jackets out of the wool from her sheep!

crocheted jackets

photo taken several years ago at Sofia's farm/residence

In September, 2013, I will be taking a group of quilters/textile artists to Umbria, Italy, for 10 days.

our destination for September 2013

The itinerary for this trip will include a day at Sofia's gorgeous home and property. We will be having a class with her in her studio!

Start saving!

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