Thursday, December 22, 2011


I visited the Ontario Craft Council's gallery space on the weekend.

I had a very nice chat with Maxine, the receptionist and we discussed in great length some of the pieces in the show. I mentioned to her Scottish artist David Mach who has been making sculptures out of matches for 26 years. They are much more interesting than Daniel Durocher's circle of matches, in my opinion.

I was there to see Judy Martin's work in particular.

Me standing beside Judy Martin's textile work, "Energy Cloth"

I had seen it when it wasn't quite finished.

I love all her stitches. I love the colour violet in the ribs.

I found these other works to be interesting. They reminded me of textile but were hard materials instead.

This looks like a piece of soft fabric or a rolled up leaf
 but it is porcelain.
Work by Paula Murray entitled
 "Nothing Endures but Change"

I thought this was rubber but it is blown glass.
Work by Cali Balles entitled "Infrastructure 3"
(don't mind the shadow)

I liked this piece- the shape, the texture, the colours.
It is by Lesley McInnally entitled "Ode to Odin"

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