Monday, December 21, 2020

Wrapping your Gifts

I am certain you have spent some time sorting out your fabric stash during your COVID lockdowns.

I hope you didn't throw anything out! You can up-cycle the pieces of fabric you think you won't use in a quilt.

Here is one idea as a wrapping material for a square gift. I used some quilter's cotton but you can use a silk/polyester scarf you never wear! A thin-weight fabric makes better knots. How about a new tea towel? Just fold it up to create a square and proceed.

Start by placing your fabric square, good side facing your table, with points facing North, South, East and West and your box in the centre.

Pick up the East and West points of your fabric and make a double knot. 

Try to keep the "petals" pointing out to the East and West.

Then pick up the North and South fabric points and make a double knot over the other knot leaving the "petals" pointing to the North and South

Doesn't that look great? 

The technique is called Furoshiki. For more ideas check out this link. I've used this to wrap (rectangular) books as well. Looks great

I got these ideas from the Textile Museum's Sustainability Workshops they ran over the last month. They made me remember my work trips to Japan in 1982 and 1984 when I saw Japanese women with their purchases wrapped up so nicely! 

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