Saturday, April 2, 2011

forgot to tell you!

I was looking through photographs of my trip to Italy and discovered a bunch from before the Canadians arrived in Verona.

I was asked by Quilt Italia,, to be part of the "Top Ten". That was for Abilmente in Vicenza,, as part of the top ten italian textile artists. Among them were Mariana Fruehauf, Giovanna Usai, Teresa Gai and Pia Puonti.

my piece 'reflect and repair' is visible in the poster,
second from the bottom

work by teresa gai

work by teresa gai

work by mariana fruehauf

3 works by pia puonti

work by giovanna usai entitled 'come e profondo il mare'

2 works by giovanna usai, 'africa' and 'non escludo il ritorno'

The art was displayed in the center isle amongst the booths.

my section

The funny thing was when I asked a friend to take a picture of me in front of my section there was another lady near by trying to take a picture of my work and was annoyed we were taking too long! She did not want this stranger in her photo!

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  1. The work of Teresa Gai is new for me. Thanks for introducing it. I plan to look for more pieces by this artist.