Friday, April 8, 2011

paper in art work

While in Montreal, I stopped by Empire, Paper and Paint, on Avenue du Parc, to pick up some of their amazing wallpaper. The pieces I cut out from their give-away pile are gorgeous. Can you imagine a room done up with these?

wallpaper samples from Empire
I have been using different kinds of paper in my textile art since 2005.

I am starting a new series. After working things out in my head for the past few weeks, I am ready and excited to get going!!

In May, I will be in Parma teaching the use of paper in textile art,
The students will be making a book wrap as they explore different ways to integrate paper into a fabric piece.

book wrap -detail
book wrap- detail

I am very pleased that the organizers invited me to be part of the event. It has been very well publicized in Europe as well as in American magazines.

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