Thursday, May 23, 2013

What did I Miss?

I have been asking friends what I missed while I was away.

Chandelier, 21x15x15 feet
recycled plastic, monofilament
First Canadian Place, Toronto
Photo credit: Peter MacCallum

People seem to think I didn't miss anything. "Same old. Same old", they say.

I did miss an installation by Katharine Harvey.

King Street View
photo credit: P. MacCallum

I saw her Waterfall piece in 2008 at Nuit Blanche in Toronto. 6000 pounds of recycled plastic bottles.

She made a chandelier out of plastic bottles in the First Canadian Place lobby which was exhibited till mid-May.

Chandelier by K. Harvey
photo credit: P. MacCallum 

I would have loved to see it LIVE.

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  1. Dear Sandra, buongiorno or buenasera, depending on whenyou open this comment.
    Grace Ramirez