Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lunch with a Friend

Barbara is a textile restorer.

Barbara's hand made example
After our lunch together at her house just outside Verona...

...she showed me a few of the samples she made during her textile studies.

This is the pattern for the above piece.
You'll notice it is upside down.

The work was incredible!

If you could see this up close
you would see the tiny stitching!
 It is really beautiful.

All hand done!

This is a piece of embroidery made by her grandmother.
It was never finished.
You can see that this corner is done...

...but this corner piece is not. You can see the pencil circle marks.
That is the pattern she would have followed.
Also not finished is the centre of the 4-sided shape.

Barbara is Austrian and gave me a few suggestions of what I should do in Vienna while I am here. Yesterday, I went to the Wunderkammer at the Kunsthistorisches Museum.

The Kunst Historisches Museum in Vienna

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