Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rescuing Old Quilts

I have written about my antique quilt collection before. You can see some of my very small collection if you click here and here and here.

When I see a nice quilt that isn't too expensive and (usually) related to what I teach, I buy it.

I do have a favorite spot where I buy. Barbara Griffin's antique store at the St Lawrence Market (north market on the west corner) in Toronto is a perfect spot for me.

Last weekend I bought two really old ones.

I bought this one because it was well made.
 It's got a lovely design and
the small triangles are appealing to me.

I bought this one because it had a completely different quilt on the back!

The fabrics are fabulous! There are some really old ones in this one!

The batting in this one is a wool blanket. You can see it in spots where the fabric has disintegrated.

This is the back of the quilt.

Barbara was happy that they were going to someone who really appreciates them!

When I purchase a new textile I put it in a plastic bag and freeze it to kill all bugs. They say it is good to redo that once in a while.

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