Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hundertwasser's Eastern Influence

The Orangerie at the Belvedere Palace has an exhibit on right now showing many of Hundertwasser's work.

The Big Way, 1955, was used as the advertisement
for the exhibit.

The Belvedere in Vienna.

I spent 3 hours in a small room looking at his work and reading and seeing other artists' work inspired by the writings of Zen Buddhism.

I love his art and his philosophy about creativity and life.

The curator chose some of his photographs for the exhibit. He had an image of a sewer grate covered in garbage.

Hundertwasser explained his photographs.
He said something like-
It looks like a simple sewer grate but it resembles a
prison window of our civilization. Only the filth lying
over it seems like something liberating.
It frees us from spiritual poverty and
the rectilinear structures of our modern era.

 I  was living in Vienna while he was still living there! He created a stamp for the United Nations in the 80's while my dad was working there. I have that stamp somewhere!! (when I get back to Toronto one of my first big jobs is to clean out the basement boxes!! I am sure it is in one of those.)

The Lower Belvedere where I had lunch
In 1983, while I lived inVienna, the construction of the Hundertwasser House as a public project was undergo.

He died in 2000 on the Queen Elizabeth 2 returning from New Zealand.

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