Monday, May 6, 2013

Art in Vienna

After a melange at my favorite place, Café Bräunerhof, I spent the morning at the Albertina.

The vertical part of the steps leading
to the main entrance of the Albertina
are painted advertising their latest exhibit, Monet bis Picasso.
I had been there since they renovated the space.

The Albertina seen from the side of the painted steps

The main walkway leading to the exhibits.
I went to see 180 works by Max Ernst.

He and some art colleagues founded the Dada group and he was a pioneer of surrealism. I particularly liked his collage work. I made a few sketches in my journal. Not being allowed to take photographs of the exhibit made me look at the work more closely.

I went to get my hair done before my ballet friends and I got together.

The hair salon, Thoma & Bari,
 is on the third floor in this building.
It was great catching up with my dance friends.

Degas' Two Dancers, c. 1905

Some I hadn't seen in 29 years!

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