Friday, May 31, 2013

Miss Gracious

A few years ago while at a piano concert performed by Julian Gargiulo, I met Denise Garrido.

Julian gets crowned by Denise in the parking lot.

She has been in the news recently. She was crowned Miss Universe Canada for a day only to find out that the judges miscalculated the points!

Denise Garrido at the concert

She has been on every radio show and TV talk show for the last 2 days. I must say she is very gracious in all her a true Miss Universe! Commendable.

from left to right:
me, Christina Rowlandson, Julian Gargiulo, Denise Garrido, friend

Through meeting the group (seen above), I was able to connect with the Diabetes Association spokes person from the Cayman Islands (C. Rowlandson) which is where Ad Maiora Canada and Ad Maiora (Verona) donated blue quilts for the newly diagnosed children.

I also became good friends with Julian. His music was the inspiration for one of my art pieces.

Julian Smokes
(he doesn't by the way!!)
67 cm x 83 cm
 It actually isn't finished yet!

Julian Smokes, detail
hand embroidery, stamped afbric

Julian Smokes, detail
hand embroidery, stamped fabric

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