Saturday, May 23, 2015

Wednesday's Program

The focus of Wednesday's program was visiting the exhibits.

Keiko Goke's work
We milled around Verona all day in small groups spending time at different shows.

Japanese exhibit

A few of us attended Jen Jones' talk on her Antique Welsh Quilt collection.

Jen Jones (in white),
Paola Marini, director of Castel Vecchio museum, (beige suit)

She is a font of knowledge on the subject of Welsh quilts. Oddly enough she is not a quilter. In the 1980's when many Welsh families were getting rid of their "old bedding", she started her collection only to preserve this hand work.

She said the quilts were treated with disregard often used for covering sick cattle, covering vegetable gardens, folded and put under a door to prevent the wind from entering the house and Wales gets lots of wind!

exiting the Japanese exhibit

The travellers are very inspired by the city and by the wonderful textile work they are seeing.

Tommi at the Osteria/Enoteca Alcova del Frate

We ended with a wonderful dinner all together at Alcova del Frate, with lots of laughing!

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