Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Valpolicella Visit

How we enjoyed our day in the Valpolicella! Thank you to Susi for organizing the trip and visits and for her exceptional attention to detail!! Thank you also to her helpers: the drivers (Giuliana and Elena)!!!

View from San Giorgio Ingannapoltron

Masi cantina with their 2,600,000 litres of wine in their cantinas!! It was such a welcoming feeling to see our flag alongside the Verona flag upon entering the property!

The wine tasting was divine!!

The tour of the Serego-Alighieri vineyards was very interesting. We also were able to buy wine, honey and cherry jam, all from their property in Gargagnago.

Lunch at Susi's home...

Don't ask me how she spent the day driving
us around
and within 5 minutes of entering her house
she had an amazing lunch prepared!

and a guided visit at the Allegrini villa.

View from the villa

one of their amazing fireplaces

We were lucky. The weather was perfect!

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