Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Tour and a Class and a Really Fun Time - Day 2

Today was our first full day in this gorgeous city!

houses on Piazza Erbe

and was it ever full!

the street where 6 of our travellers live

First thing- a walking tour!

Then food.


And more food!

Plus a visit to San Zeno Basilica.

inside the basilica

And an origami book spine we learned to make in a room inside Porta San Zeno, which dates back to 1540!!

Porta San Zeno, architect Michele Sanmicheli

inside where we were paper folding

The group is full of interesting people with lots of wonderful stories to share of past trips, art things, sewing and food.

Group picture in front of the sets for the opera Aida

I can see new friendships starting.

Everyone had their "AMAZING" moment today! Linda's moment was shopping for cheese and prosciutto at the local macelleria.

view walking back from San Zeno

I am glad things went well on our official first day.

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