Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Verona Tessile Prep

Everyone at Ad Maiora is lending a helping hand.

The tickets are assembled in packs of 50. It will help keep track of how many people visit the exhibits during this 3rd edition of the festival. The first year there were 3000 visitors in 6 days. This year there will be many more.

The works are arriving and being put in well-labeled corners of the studio to be delivered to the appropriate exhibit halls and galleries. We are doing that tomorrow!

Today I went to pick up the ribbons for the juried exhibit.

Tomorrow is my last day to finalize small things for the Canadians!

I have been working really hard. My goal for each traveller is that they have a "That's amazing!" moment every day. It could be a view, an art work, a new Italian friend, a great sleep (those apartments have amazing mattresses!)...

For one of the classes,  I have secured the room in the top of the Porta San Zeno, 1540-1542! THAT'S AMAZING!

(architect Michele Sanmicheli)

I took a day off yesterday to energize before the big week!

Lago di Garda
I went to Garda Lake and walked about 4 km.

I am psyched! It's going to be great!

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