Thursday, September 1, 2016

Medieval Techniques

We had a day immersed in the past!

Bevagna was the location, a small walled town. The locals host a medieval fair, with costumes and food and  'careers' in medieval traditions at the end of June. So the town is set up for those kinds of presentations.

Francesco Proietto is the master paper maker in Bevagna.

Two of our travellers making paper with a master paper maker.
The town of Fabriano is famous for its paper making. It is just north east of Bevagna.

We had our hand at making paper using medieval tools which were remade to the exact specifications of the originals.

Originally rags were stripped and soaked and transformed into pulp which then became paper. It is linked to textile.

Signore Francesco's little shop had many gorgeous products to purchase, all hand made with such skill. Artegianale.

The next stop was Rita Trabalzo's silk shop. She demonstrated how silk thread was made using medieval tools from the year 1335.

The exact same mechanism is used today but instead of having two women operate it, it is operated by machine.

I think the travellers enjoyed these hands-on workshops. Says C...We certainly did!

We had lunch in a small, shaded piazza. Typical fare.

Instead of sketching we focused on collage since our morning was about paper.

We made a quick stop at the famous church, Santa Maria Degli Angeli.

We had to go through security first!

Back at home we had a relaxing swim and a nice glass of wine!

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