Thursday, September 29, 2016

Art Work Back

I received my art work that was touring for the past 2 years.

My art work photographed from the catalogue.
"Radiation emits from objects at many different scales, from stars to atoms. This piece reflects my interpretation of emitted radiation waves interacting with other matter, including human bodies." (taken from the catalogue)

It is always nice to get things back.

 Waves, detail

The curator and her team packed up the work nicely. I usually roll my work. I was once told to avoid tubes for shipping because they often roll off trucks and belts. So I now use a long triangular box.

Waves, detail

Oddly enough from Germany it was going to cost a fortune to send to Italy! So she put the triangle box into a square box and it cost much less.

Waves, detail

Inside, there were a few treats! One of which was a catalogue of the exhibit and all the places it went (except for the last place as the opportunity came after the catalogue was printed.)

catalogue cover for the Radiation exhibit

I liked many of the other works. I liked reading what the artists said about their work and its inspiration related to radiation. All works are 60cm x 120 cm, measurements set by the curator.

Without natural filters life on earth would be impossible.
Merce Gonzalez Desedamas, Spain
Life Filters
When charged particles such as a proton pass through a cloud chamber they leave behind a trail of ions as they strike molecules of air along their path. Mist droplets form around these ions creating a cloud track.
Tonya Littman, USA
Particle Trails
Magnetic resonance images.
Rita Berghuis-Ensing, Netherlands
Diagnose Braintumor 1
A chemical reaction transforms 95% of a firefly's energy into light and only 5% is set free as warmth. Up to now no form of man-made light has met this level of efficiency.

Barbara Lange, Germany
Monochrom 8- Fireflies

There was a CD of the show works. There were a few printed note cards, postcard size, and a thank you note from the curator.

Since it is in Italy, I am going to submit it for the Ad Maiora member exhibit which is happening in November, even though most of the other works will be traditional quilts.

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