Thursday, October 13, 2016

Upcoming Fall Classes

My Fall schedule is coming together even though I am still in Italy. I L-O-V-E internet!!...when it works.

Teaching on November 13 at Artscape Youngplace. A 9-patch block, perfect for self-taught quilters and beginners. It is also a good review for those who have made a few quilts already.

This is just one of the quilt designs using the versatile 9-patch block

Teaching on November 27 also at Artscape Youngplace.

A quilt-as-you-go construction. Great project for using all kinds of scrap fabric!

I am speaking at Oakville Quilters Guild on November 17. My theme is "Inspiration". Even if you are not a member I think you can attend. Better contact them though just to make sure.

I am speaking at Halton Quilters Guild on January 4, 2017. Also teaching there. A scrap class for sure.

I love those types of quilts. I find them the most interesting. Those are the ones I find myself stopping in front of when at a quilt show. They just offer so much to look at...if they are done well, of course. Some people think you can just "throw anything in" but I disagree. That is one of the things I talk about when I teach my scrap classes.

Another reason I love making scrap quilts so much is the cost. You have probably noticed the cost of quilter's cotton has gone up quite a bit in the last year! Many quilters/sewers have collected a box of fabric they love, bought and set aside for use "one day". Now is that time! Take those fabrics out and let's make a quilt! Use what you have- an old cotton shirt, an apron of your mom's, an old pillow case with a fancy trim, an out-of-control fabric bin. Learn how to make those fabrics work well together!

Right now, no classes are full so sign up! (contact me by email:

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